Building Your Dream Dressing Table

Building Your Dream Dressing Table

Your dressing table may be the very last piece of furniture you consider buying. It seems like everyone else comes first – the baby changing table, a new recliner in the man cave, and just about everything else comes first. Well, here are some pointers on how to build your dream dressing table.

From Scratch

If you are a carpenter, or at least a crafter, you can actually build a dressing table from scratch. There are actually patterns online that you can find free or for a small amount. These will not only tell you which tools you’ll need, but recommend which types of wood to use and which fixtures to select. Building from scratch can be a very rewarding.


Yes, upstyling is a word. This is actually probably a more efficient way to build your dream dressing table. With upstyling, you find another piece of furniture and repurpose it as a dressing table. Take, for instance, a student desk. It has drawers on each side, and usually a lap drawer. How can you make that into a dressing table? Like this:

Building Your Dream Dressing Table
  1. Refinish the desk. You can paint or stain the desk, or, if you are more adventurous or crafty, you can decoupage. With decoupage, you basically glue sheets or pieces of paper to the surface of the desk, and re-attach the hardware once the glue is dry. Most people will make sure there is a cover coat of polyurethane for durability. If you are particularly artistic, you can do trompe l’oeil. That makes for a beautiful personalization of your special area.
  2. Once you have refinished the desk, you need a sheet of glass for the top. This will be easy to clean, and protect the surface that you have so carefully refinished. You can have the glass cut to fit the desk, but expect to pay extra if you want something fancy like beveled edges.
  3. Find a mirror. Of course, you need a mirror. This gives you a chance to express your personality even more, because you can find all kinds of mirrors with all kinds of frames. Hang the mirror on the wall above your desk/dressing table, and you have your start. However, you’re not through with your mirror.
  4. Get a table mirror. You can get a makeup mirror on a stand with a magnifying side. This can provide you with close-up work, and with lighting as well.
  5. Select lighting. Once you have your mirrors and glass, you can look for additional lighting to brighten up the area.

Now, you don’t have to use a desk. Any type of table will work. You can actually find antique dressing tables that must need a little TLC to continue serving in this century.  A buffet, entry table, or end table can all serve in that capacity. All you need is a drawer for all of the smaller pieces of grooming and cosmetics, and the mirrors and lighting, and you’re all set to look – and feel – beautiful. Click here for more decor ideas.


Josh Andrews loves to write about his home and garden, when he isn’t doing renovation in his house or garden, you can usually find him building his own furniture such as dressing tables and dressing table stools.