Essential Sir Walter Turf Lawn Care Tips for Spring Season

Essential Sir Walter Turf Lawn Care Tips for Spring Season

Spring is the best season if you truly want to enjoy the gardening and landscaping of SirWalter turf. The joy of spring comes with some extra hard work for you. During the spring season, you need to take appropriate care to maintain the lushness of your lawn by getting rid ofweeds, insects, bugs and many other natural and artificialfactors.It may be fun for someone, but in reality, it is a hard work to maintain a healthy and lush Sir Walter turf. Spring is the most important season for lawn grass hence you need to consolidate many factors to own a great looking property during and after the spring.

No matter whatever is the condition of your lawn, here are top Sir Walter Lawn Care tips that will help you throughout the year.


Most people do notknow what exactly the mowing process is. According to them, mowing means chopping down the grass to the shortest level possible in order to wait longer between mows.When you cut down the grass to its shortest, it gets more exposure to sunlight and encourage the growth of many weeds. A suggested way to check the growth weeds is to mow the sir walter grass more frequently, but on a higher setting to leave the grass adequate tall.

Weed Control:

Weeds are the most common problem found in almost all types of lawn. Theycan be easily detected, but the worst part is thatthey are practically very hard to control. Even if your lawn is free from weeds, there are most probable chances that your neighbors weed seed could blow across the fence and leave you with a major problem.Many weed seeds such as dandelions can fly with the wind and can land a spot on your lawn. However, you can control the weed by following these simple steps.

  1. Chop off the head of any dandelions so they do notturn into major problem.
  2. Keep mowing the grass frequently at a higher setting

Repair Damage:

Whatever is the condition of your lawn, a regular repair damage service can bring your lawn back to life. Nature itself will repair your damage, but still you need to learn that what is the best time to fertilize your lawnin orderpromote the growth of new grass.

Essential Sir Walter Turf Lawn Care Tips for Spring Season


Timely fertilization is the last and the most importantstep. Fertilization during the spring season will let you the lushness of the lawn throughout the year. It fulfills the nutritional requirements of your turf to promote a healthy looking turf.To get a better result, make sure you are using high quality fertilizer that suits your lawn type.

By following these steps, you can easily maintain the health and lushness of your Sir WalterTurf. In case if you do not have enough time, then you can contact a local lawn and landscape professionals, who can sincerelydo the job for you.